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“Pretty Princess!”

Enchant Kids’ Hair with Brilliantly Vibrant Braids, Adding Colourful and Unforgettable Stylish Fun In All Her Adventures.

Release your daughter’s dazzling charm with enchanting braids for your daughter, bringing a touch of magic to every occasion, whether it’s a casual day or a playful celebration. Wave goodbye to the tiresome tangles and welcome carefree mornings filled with effortless hairstyling delights. Let her shine.

Packages From $43 – $87


The Essence of Pretty Princesses …


Embrace Your Radiant Braid Parade …

Step into a world of vibrant braid fanfare where your inner girly girl can roam free. With a burst of dazzling colors, mesmerizing sparkles, and irresistible shine, these braids invite you to express your youthful spirit as a “Pretty Princess!”.


Expressive Elegance To Unlock Inner Glamour …

Evolve your locks into a vibrant canvas of self-expression, radiating confidence and charm with each gracefully woven twist.

Prepare to steal the spotlight as your dazzling braid parade becomes a mesmerizing spectacle, celebrating the joyous spirit of youth and empowering others to embrace their own unique styles.

Let these braids be your ticket to an enchanting evolution and unleash your inner Pretty Princess today!


Playtime Delights With Colours Glowing …

Ignite the playful spirit within. Watch as your little girl’s radiance reaches new heights while bidding farewell to those pesky tangles and brush battles. Let her embrace the charm of coloured hair braids, elevating her glow and endless playtime delights.


A Week Of Effortless Elegance …

Get ready for a week-long adventure of absolute awesomeness. Our “Pretty Princess!” braids are 100% funky, fun, and functional, keeping your hair off your face, protected from the wind, and completely out of the way. Embrace the convenience while looking sharp and beautiful, enjoying a worry-free and stylish experience that lasts. Let your inner princess shine.

Ruby $43

You Get Braid Treatment

2 Colour Braids

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Sapphire $65

You Get Braid Treatment

+ 1 Product

2 Colour Braids
Anti Knot Spray
or Wet Brush
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Diamond $87

You Get Braid Treatment

+2 Products

2 Colour Braids
Anti Knot Spray
and Wet Brush
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Booking Enquiry …

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Fun Fact …

Pretty Princess braids are swim proof

Yes you can swim, bath, shower and wash the dog with these braids.
Water won’t affect their integrity, keeping them intact longer and the knots away too.

Behold a Gallery of Dazzling Little Pretty Princesses …


Enchant Your Girl: Pretty Princess Party Extravaganza …

Make Magical Memories with Unforgettable Pretty Princess Parties for Enchanted Girls.

“Jena from Hair Pinns came to my daughters 11th birthday party and braided all the friends hair. The girls loved it, and it kept them entertained. The braids lasted a long time and looked great with the variety of colours. A great experience for any age group. Would definitely recommend her team and braids for parties or just something special!” – Bree


queens of happy princess Quotes …


Jena braided my girls hair for their cousins 18th and our camping trip.  They looked absolutely fantastic and loved having all the colours!  Best thing for me was not having to touch their hair for the whole weekend while we were away camping which made camp life much easier.  Jena is the friendliest hairdresser and always has a smile, nothing is ever too much trouble.  I highly recommend and will definitely be back. Good with Children - Fantastic Haircuts - Beautiful Results.


We love our holiday braids! Jena has an incredible range of colours and is so patient as our daughters choose (and change their minds). Great results. Total winner!


I highly recommend Jena from Hair Pinns! Her customer service and attention to detail is fantastic. Jena genuinely listens to what her client wants and needs are. Jena also provides coloured hair braiding! My girls LOVE getting their hair braided by Jena. Thank you Hair Pinns for 10/10 service each and every visit.


Jena is awesome, her braids are perfection and so many colour choices. My daughter loves it when Jena does her hair. Highly recommended!


I just wanted to send a quick thank you message about the braid parties we had for the girls' b'days. The girls LOVED it and have asked me to have one every year from now on! We really enjoyed the colour selection and it meant that each girl was able to pick something that suited their personality. The braids lasted really well too which was even better! We will definitely be back again (every year apparently), even just for a school holiday treat! It's such a fun way to treat the girls.


Jena was fantastic. We will be returning. She made my little girls dreams come true with some coloured braids.

Common FAQ’s …

Product Spotlight …

Stuck Up Hair Spray

The strong hold, brush out formula delivers a non product build up on your hair or scalp,
then brushes out easily when you are ready to wash your hair without that sticky feeling.

Home Care Recommendations …

Using these suggestions in your hair care routine will prolong your braids longer.

Wake Up Wax & Sculp Lotion …

Smoothes the hair

Sumo Grip Gel & Stuck Up Spray …

Keep fly-aways at bay and your braids neater.

Want to know more? …

Join Jena and her team in a chat to discuss your unique needs.

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